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  • Why is the cleansing effect of the Cellular Cleansing Milk not satisfactory? Why doesn’t it clean?

    This is an excellent product for removing makeup and cleansing your skin. Please pay attention to the correct method of use: dry your hand and face, press the product pump 3–5 times to get sufficient cleansing milk, and massage it on your skin using a circular motion, to fully blend it with the excess oil and makeup, and then wash with water.

  • Why is there is a bad odor in La Villosa Hand Cream, B12 Series, Snowy Ice Series, Magic Golden Activator and the Skin Super-Firming Essence?

    Europe, USA, Japan and other developed countries have strict requirements on product quality as well as safety. Their standards require reduced use of preservatives and artificial fragrances and flavors. Also, individual preferences differ.

  • Why is the La Villosa Snowy Ice Eye Gel green in color?

    This eye gel color is due to the use of natural plant extracts: European ash tree leaf, European bilberry fruit and rose extract. Don’t worry about the color, it has no effect on the use.

  • Why do I experience an obvious tingling sensation when I use La Villosa Cellular Series products such as Cellular Regenerating Lotion and Cellular Rescue Face Mask.

    The La Villosa Cellular Series is based on living cell technology. The active principle of these products is that they help activate skin cells, accelerate cell metabolism and delay aging. You may experience a slight tingling sensation during initial use as the skin cells are activated. Your skin should adapt to this in about one week’s time.

  • Why is the La Villosa Foundation not good at concealing skin imperfections?

    This foundation is designed to help nourish skin, and is translucent, acts as a moisturizer, and has limited concealing effect.

    Recommended use: 

    1. If you require strong concealing effect, use an appropriate concealer first, and then use the foundation,

    2. If you want to create natural and translucent skin, use the foundation first and then use the concealer.

  • Why does the La Villosa product absorb well into the skin, but has a very strong fragrance?

    These are subjective factors and depend on person to person. 

  • Which La Villosa product should I choose?

    Choose the appropriate series based on your skin problems and skincare needs: 

    Cellular Series—classic series for all skin types

    Power Spot Specialist Series—for freckled skin

    Snowy Ice Series—for dark to yellowish skin

    B12 Series—for young women

    Men Series—for men 

  • Are La Villosa products addictive? Can it be used for a long time?

    The products contain mild botanical ingredients, without any addictive ingredients. They may be used for a long term, the skin will become softer and more nourished, and the skin condition will remain stable. 

  • Why does my face turn red after using La Villosa Magic Golden Activator (Small Golden Bottle)?

    The activator is a highly concentrated skincare product with super strong nutrients, thus excessive use at one time is not recommended as the skin cannot absorb all the ingredients. If your face feels hot or red after use, stop using the product for some time. 

    La Villosa products contain botanical ingredients. As some people have relatively thin or sensitive skin, the skin needs time to adapt to the new skincare regimen, hence the skin may turn red for a brief amount of time. We suggest: 

    1. If the skin turns red, stop using the product for 2-3 days. During these 2-3 days, try to clean the face with water, and only use a moisturizing skincare product to which your skin is already adapted.

    2. After 3 days, test the new skincare product behind your ear or on the wrist. If your skin adapts well, then apply a small amount of the new skincare product to your face’s T zone. 

    3. If your skin is still adapting to the product, continue to use in the T zone for a few more days, and then try and apply the product on your entire face.

  • What is the correct usage order and method for the La Villosa Magic Golden Activator (Small Golden Bottle)? What should I pay attention to?

    A: The activator should be used after cleaning the face, and applied on the face between the water and milk, after you skin warms up. Massage it massage from inside to outside. Then, gently press from bottom to the top and from outside to the inside, to ensure complete absorption of the activator ingredient. 

    The La Villosa Small Golden Bottle provides versatile repair, firming, smoothening and translucent skin. Young and healthy skin (typically, women in their early twenties) may not show significant differences after use, however, women in their thirties and over will experience a more obvious effect. Each compound of each ingredient is based on the best Vitalab active ingredient, and can be used in the initial anti-aging period. Continued use will help make your skin softer and more nourished, and your skin condition will remain stable.

    Note: The activator is a highly concentrated skincare product with super strong nutrients, thus never apply too much or too little. If you apply too much, the excessive unabsorbed ingredient will stress your skin. Use only 2-3 drops each time during summer and 3-5 drops each time during winter.

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