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Brand History
In the pursuit of scientific art,
LA VILLOSA consistently experiences innovation and upgrade,
and constantly absorbs cutting-edge technology,
to create skincare classics and provide your skin
with a luxurious experience.
At the same time,
advanced scientific art culture has become the icon of Swiss LA VILLOSA.
Enduring beauty as time goes by
LA VILLOSA originated in Switzerland. In the past 30 years,
LA VILLOSA has provided women that demand beauty, with continuously innovative products and achieved fascinating skincare legends
1987——After three years, CELLULAR series emerged, based on advanced Moisture Matrix/Algisium C technology and using ingredients from the North American spruce, thus ushering in a new skincare legend.
2006——La Villosa made inroads into the Chinese market, by fusion of RNA & HPDNA technology and Acetyl Hexapeptide, to launch its mask and essence in the industry.
2013——Snowy Ice series was launched, and La Villosa uses the unique VITA GENESIS WHITE (VGW) technology to awaken the “blackening” factor in and above the base layer of skin.
2014——Ultimate Luxury Cream series was introduced, with extracts of superoxide dismutase (SOD) nucleic acid from royal jelly, to rejuvenate the skin.
2017——In the past 30 years, La Villosa has made constant breakthroughs, using Swiss biocell Tar-geting repair technology, and launched the Power Freckle Professional and Men’s series products.
2018——La Villosa’s three major series——Cellular, Snowy Ice and Ultimate Luxury Cream once again shined, bringing together high-tech skincare products with higher concentration, while delivering a long-lasting luxurious experience to the skin.
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