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Brand Story
Swiss luxury skincare brand that pursues beautiful skin, and creates fascinating skincare legends.
LA VILLOSA draws inspiration from art, consistently develops innovative formulas for women that demand beauty, brings together sci-tech achievements, and provides balanced care and refined repair solutions. It is laying a new standard for future beauty and skincare.
Exploring the Secrets of LA VILLOSA
Switzerland, the birthplace of LA VILLOSA, is synonymous with luxury, elegance and technology.
LA VILLOSA is dedicated to the Anti-Aging Skin Research Center
Swissderma Laboratories
Located in Aigle, Vaud Region, Switzerland, the Center leverages advanced RNA & HPDNA extraction technology, to enhance skin ability, providing skin repair and rejuvenation miracles sought after by noble ladies, artists and celebrities.
To enable more women who cannot go to Switzerland to experience these unique effects,
Swissderma Laboratories and world-renowned CENTRE DE RECHERCHES BIOCOSMETIOUES S.
——A legendary skin beauty pioneer
Joined forces
To develop exceptional beauty formulas
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My Skincare Solution
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Skin Problem Consultation
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