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Innovative R&D
As a Swiss skincare brand, LA VILLOSA provides scientific research-based skin solutions for urban women, to solve skin problems through cutting-edge technology products
Innovative Research
Adhering to the philosophy of “delicate skincare”, LA VILLOSA has created a multitude of beauty miracles for personalized care for different skin damage. While focusing on innovation and technology as the core, the brand continuously draws on avant-garde technologies in fields such as biology, chemistry and dermatology. Each product is verified to be effective by experienced experts, and through extensive clinical and consumer tests, to help alleviate skin problems arising from ageing, skin damage, environmental hazards and stress of modern life.
Soul Technology—Swiss Biocell Targeting Technology
Living Cell
Replenish skin cell energy and rejuvenate skin, to control the skin problems arising from ageing, skin damage, environmental hazards and stress of modern life
Highly elastic OSILIFT made of oat plant extracts replenishes the skin with sugar, improves circulation and absorption in the skin, and instantly reinforces makeup, to effectively lift up and soften skin, and give a youthful appearance.
Vita Freeze
Highly active suspension Vita Freeze uses suspension-hydrolysis technology, derived from glycoproteins in tomato cell culture, an extract rich in peptides and sugars, locking collagen, and fading traces of aging.
The Ultimate
Both core components of the Potent Enlightskin Complex and Ultimate Complex are used to accelerate skin metabolism, to create smoother skin lifting and a translucent effect.
Plant Extraction
Plant alchemy—endlessly exploring every corner of the earth, picking up rare treasures of nature, and extracting essence with advanced craftsmanship, to create a luxury experience.
Vita Genesis White
By virtue of the unique VITA GENESIS WHITE technology and special global techniques, hydro-alcoholic extracts and peptides are collected from roots cultured in test tubes, and along with polysaccharide preparations, help brighten and whiten the skin.

As LA VILLOSA advocates a “rigorous, scientific and true to self” brand spirit, it aims to help fashionable modern women have excellent skin, elegant temperament, and help them manage their beauty with wisdom and indulge in luxury beauty products.
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My Skincare Solution
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