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Que peut - on faire pour toi?
  • Is La Villosa available at an offline store? Where can I find it?

    Yes, it is available in FIONA and sasa. Click the menu bar.

  • Why do the La Villosa Men Series toners and gels have a heavy smell of alcohol?

    Two products of La Villosa Men Series contain alcohol—moisturizing face gel and toner. As men generally have thicker skin, and their skin secretes more oil and has pores and acne, alcohol is used in these products to primarily provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions. 

  • Why does the La Villosa Skin Super-lift Ampoule –Yellow have a bad odor after it is stored for a long time?

    La Villosa Ampoule is high-purity concentrated essence. It has very few preservatives and has active ingredients to help alleviate skin problems. It is suggested to use the face essence within 10 days and eye essence within 20 days after opening.  

  • Why does it hurt when I use the B12 patch mask?

    The product contains a relatively high concentration of lysolecithin, which is a venom-like component. It has excellent firming effect but there may be slight irritation to the skin. Some users may feel a tingling or itching sensation initially, but it quickly reduces and disappears, and there are no allergic reactions. 

  • Why do I feel a tingling sensation when I use La Villosa Snowy Ice Toner and Snowy Ice Eye Gel?

    The Snowy Ice Series is skin whitening product. A few products are known to generate a tingling sensation during use. This is probably due to lack of water in the base and as the product contains highly concentrated plant extracts (broadleaf tilia cordata, European ash tree leaf), which can inhibit activity of tyrosinase and enhance skin cell metabolism. Due this, your skin may feel slightly warm and you may experience a tingling sensation.

  • Why does it feel like you are rubbing mud when using the La Villosa Snowy Ice Series?

    There is only one product in the La Villosa Snowy Ice Series—the “Eye Gel”, which is likely to generate such a phenomenon. 

    This is due to their texture, all gels in the market are likely to form a film on the surface of the skin, and afterwards, the gel feels like mud and breaks into strips. 

    To reduce this phenomenon, you can reduce the amount of gel you use, or add more gel after it is first absorbed by the skin, or combine it with a water-based product during use.

  • Why do I get an allergic reaction when I use the La Villosa Snowy Ice Series products?

    The product has a skin whitening function and its ingredients help improve the existing condition of skin.

    When there is any change in the current condition of the skin, the immune system triggers a stress response. You may experience uncomfortable symptoms due to sensitive skin, but if these symptoms disappear over time, it is suggested that you continue to use the product. If symptoms as redness and rashes occur and persist, it is suggested that you stop using the product and you should replace it. 

  • Why is has the color changed in the Hydrating Pore Tightening Ampoule - Pink?

    As each product are manufactured in different batches, subtle color differences may exist, however, the ingredients are the same, and your usage of the product and its efficacy are not affected. 

    Recommended storage conditions: avoid light and heat.

  • Why do I get red rashes and long patches on my face the next day after I use the product?

    Each person’s skin may react to the product in a slightly different manner, and different people may have different stress responses. If this symptom persists, you are having an allergic reaction. Please stop using the product in such a case.

  • Why does my skin redden and I feel an allergic reaction when I use the La Villosa Power Spot Specialist Series product?

    The main components of the Power Spot Specialist Series are: 6% vitamin C, 2% nicotinamide, natural plant extract, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, phenylethyl resorcinol, tetrapeptide and hexapeptide, which may generate highly concentrated and super strong inhibition of melanin, and may be slightly deficient in moisture. This may cause discomfort in different people with different skin conditions. Thus it is suggested to product with an appropriate moisturizing product.

    Recommended use: Use in the morning and evening. Use Power Freckle Professional serum at night and the cream during the day time.

    Not recommended for: people with sensitive skin

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